Clean your room to clear your mind…

If you don’t spend much time at home, it might be hard for you to keep everything in place, but you can always try and here are some tips:

  • Set daily goals.

You don’t have to do it all at once, you can just choose one or more goals to achieve, such as dusting and cleaning the floor and then for the next day, doing the laundry. There are some things that will need your time every day, like the dishes, but that shouldn’t be a nightmare.

  • Do it in steps.

When cleaning or clearing space, you can optimize your time by doing it in steps and it’ll help you when you don’t even know where to start (because you’ll start at the same point every time). I’ll show you the way I do it in a moment…

  • Make it a nice experience.

It is rare to feel like cleaning and actually enjoying it, but it shouldn’t be the worst part of the day. Let go of traumatic experiences  and build a new connection with cleaning. Combine things you enjoy with it, listen to music, motivate yourself in a positive way.

  • If you share the place, share the house work.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it is your job to clean the house, unless you are being payed for that. The place has everybody’s mess and no one should do the housework alone. Set a chore schedule with what  each person should do and when, if you need it, but share the weight. You don’t have to do it all.

  • Think positive!

In this blog you’ll read thousands of times the words Positive Reinforcement and Treat Yourself! Because that’s what I believe in at this point of my not-that-long life. {Laughs} It can be hard to just get up and do it if people around keep putting you down for years and years, so if you still don’t have a place for yourself, do your chores when you’re home alone, and if that is not possible, try and remember that you are doing it for yourself. You must motivate yourself, and remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best, or if you’re not where you wish you were. Be positive! You can work your way up, little by little, and get there. Find the beauty in what you’re doing, take before and after pictures so that you can see clearly how different your place looks after you organize it, and how amazing it looks after you just cleaned it. You made that happen. Now go have yourself a nice shower and some rest/tea/whatever small treat you can get.

Now to the steps

Do remind that this is how I do it, and you can change it to best fit your way of doing things. This is what works for me when I want to clean my room in a way that brings me comfort at the end of each step. I look around and I can actually see how much I have improved, and if I have to leave home, I can just pick it up where I stopped

1. First things first: 

  • Gather motivation to do it;
  • Listen to your favorite songs;
  • Grab a trash can and leave it within your reach;

2. Move your clothes out of the way:

  • Make your bed (the room will look so much better, trust me);
  • Separate your pants in a corner of the bed;
  • Tops pile right beside it;
  • “To hang” pile;
  • Sort out underwear by type;
  • Put away any pair of shoes you’re not wearing in the moment;
  • Put them all where they should be;
  • Put ocasional dirty clothes or socks in your laundry box;
  • Admire your improvement;

3. Aaaaaall the objects:

  • Start with stuff that shouldn’t be in the room you’re cleaning (get them out of the way);
  • Get them big objects (purses, bags, boxes) in them right places;
  • Put every single paper in folders or throw it away (if you don’t need it anymore);
  • Take your books, notebooks, folders and storage where they belong;
  • Throw away all the garbage you can find;
  • Put your tiny objects where they belong;

4. Cleaning:

  • Start with dusting your furniture;
  • Take a broom or vacuum and get rid of all that dust and solid, visible residue;
  • Alcohol or Vidrex in a wet cloth – Start with higher furniture/objects and move on to the lower ones, to avoid dirt fallout;
  • Clean the floor with a wet cloth or with a mop;
  • Throw away all the garbage, dust, etc in that trash can you had by you;
  • Clean the wet stuff you used;
  • Smell the air and feel the cleanliness;

5. Treat yourself!

  • Clean yourself – Shower or bathe;
  • Have some “me time”;
  • Rest and enjoy the calm and clean environment;


I know it was a long post, but I hope it was useful. Share so it can reach more people out there who (just as I) look at that awful mess at the end of the week and don’t know where to start fixing it (or if they should buy a sword to kill that dragon underneath the pile of clothes). Also, I’d really like to hear from my few viewers if I made any grammar mistakes or if there is anything you’d like me to write about.

See you next week!

Ass.: Lili.


Changing my lifeĀ 

Did you ever find yourself in an endless cycle where you have too much stuff to do and then you get too stressed to get up and do it, so things are pilling up and you don’t know where to start so you just lay there, staring at nothing hour after hour after hour…?

That’s where I was: One mess of a person, always late, always lingering in bed, smoking like an idiot and wishing for death.

No more.

I set a date (April 27th) to stop; And then restart. Take my baby steps towards a better life, a colorful life, full of self love and care.

Hopefully I won’t be the only one to change. The main idea of posting my progress and struggles is inspiring you to do the same: know your body, care for it, organize your mind so that you can organize your life with me and give yourself the chance to lead a healthier life.

              Let’s get it started!