Changing my life 

Did you ever find yourself in an endless cycle where you have too much stuff to do and then you get too stressed to get up and do it, so things are pilling up and you don’t know where to start so you just lay there, staring at nothing hour after hour after hour…?

That’s where I was: One mess of a person, always late, always lingering in bed, smoking like an idiot and wishing for death.

No more.

I set a date (April 27th) to stop; And then restart. Take my baby steps towards a better life, a colorful life, full of self love and care.

Hopefully I won’t be the only one to change. The main idea of posting my progress and struggles is inspiring you to do the same: know your body, care for it, organize your mind so that you can organize your life with me and give yourself the chance to lead a healthier life.

              Let’s get it started!


2 thoughts on “Changing my life 

  1. As a person who witnessed your demise and felt for it as well, I hereby promise to make this change as well. I hope anyone reading this feels encouraged to get a grip and move on with their lives.

    Proud of you, Wolf.

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