Do you even scrub???!!!

Sorry for the violent title but I couldn’t help it. ūü§£

I have a secret recipe to share with you, so sit a little closer and make sure your door is closed…

In the last two years, I have been making my own body scrub. “But, Lili, companies spend years researching and creating products that will be balanced with your needs!!!” Well, maybe those products fit your needs and I don’t think I’ll start telling people they shouldn’t use products that they love and really helps them. My case is a little bit more complicated than that because of very common components I am allergic to, such

My case is a little bit more complicated than that because of very common components I am allergic to, such as: Triethanolamine¬†(TEA), Diethanolamine (DEA), Monoethanolamine (MEA), Latex and two others I don’t know how to spell and that are less common.
What do I use instead of store-bought products? Corn Flour. And I do not mean corn starch. Corn flour is yellow and not as silky as corn starch, in my country it is called Fubá and it gets ready to exfoliate your skin, without scratching or damaging it, in five seconds or so. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Grab yourself any small recipient you can take in the shower with you (remember that you must be able to grab the body scrub with your fingers, I like to use small bowls or a Tupperware);
  2. Pour some corn flour in the recipient;
  3. Pour some milk in the recipient and mix.

There, you are good to go.

The final product should be soft, but thick enough for you to grab a lump of it on your fingers (I will make a video on that and put the link here ASAP). It should not be liquid and it should not be so dry that your lump of scrub will break apart and fall to pieces when you try to pick it up from the bowl.

After I make my little mix (a bit more than half a cup will be enough for me to scrub from head to toes), I hop in the shower and¬†scrub, scrub, scrub my skin until it is lightly red. My skin is quite pale, so I don’t really know how a darker tone should look after a good scrub… Please let me know, I don’t want to risk saying bullsh*t. After that, I will turn on the shower and rinse off all the small particles (kind of rubbing them off, just because) and shower as usual. I might apply some moisturizing lotion (I mix rose oil on it because my skin needs that extra care) or not, if I want to keep the milky smell and silky texture from the scrub I’ll only moisturize before going to bed.

Since the corn flour is made of small kind of rounded bits of corn, and not crystals (such as salt or sugar scrubs), it is very gentle to the skin. I have very sensitive, dry, cracking skin and this doesn’t hurt at all. I use it on my face and it does wonders. My skin will feel smoother and hydrated for about two days after that.

Using a good quality milk will provide you a more moisturizing¬†and nursing body scrub, but if you are vegan or if the fact that your body¬†scrub smells like food bothers you, you can simply use water and the flour will remove dead skin the same way. ¬†I haven’t tried this before, but I believe you could add a couple drops of any essential¬†oils you wish or apply them on your skin after showering, mixed with body lotion (as I mentioned before, I put rose oil on mine) about 2ml to each 200ml of lotion should be enough.

That is pretty much it for today, I hope you will give it a try some day and feel just as luxorious as I do when you are done.

Take some time to care for yourself and massage your feet, legs, arms, etc with the corn scrub and maybe even have your significant other do it for you and you can do the same for them.  It is relaxing and it will help to renew your skin.

I will see you around, I hope. Till the next time…


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