The winner doesn’t have to take it all – positive reinforcement 

When you are trying to change and lead yourself to a healthier life style, letting go of bad habits that give you immediate pleasure will be rough. You will continue having bad moments and then you will crave for your usual easy way out. You might get lazy and think that maybe it’s ok to skip the gym one day or that your room is not that messy (you can clean it next time you have time… Right?). Well, that kind of thought is completely normal and it is very easy to get dragged by it and let it become a snowball that will get you back where you first started.

I decided that one of my changes would be working out and getting stronger (my goal is strength, not definition, no matter my weight, no matter the size of my muscles, I just want to be able to do my everyday activities without asking for help). I had a severe weight loss and never got my muscles back, I started working out and then stopped going, had no will. Now I decided that I must start over and find the physical activities that will keep me going.

If you are having problems keeping yourself on track, like me, maybe you are lacking on motivation and if that’s what is happening, you need to remind yourself why you decided on taking this road in the first place. It is time for positive reinforcement!

Positive reinforcement is not about being bright and happy all of the time, it is about encouraging yourself rather than beating yourself up (metaphorically of for reals) because you should have known better. You can study your mistakes and your motivations, find out why you are willing to try instead of why you should not have such habits. Set some goals and celebrate them when they are reached or, if you didn’t make it, sit down and plan a new deadline for that goal.

 Failing a hundred times doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do it. Maybe it is time you get help… If you did fail many times, maybe you need some guidance, and that’s ok! This should not be seen as a failure “good, can’t even take care of myself, need a babysitter to solve my problems”, but as a tool you will be using to help you reach your goals. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, or how many, you can always find professional help for it, or rely on family, friends or someone going through the same changes. 

When asking for help, try to find someone who will motivate you in a healthy and positive way. Having someone tell you that you are doing everything wrong, repeatedly, will not allow you to make the changes you need in a fulfilling way. 
Be strong, hang on, try your best every day, you can do it! 


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